#544 Elementary school science fairs

It all starts with poster board.

Getting mom to drive to the drug store to load up on the thick flimsy is a great start to a great project. Grab a sheet of white, a sheet of neon pink, and if you’re lucky one of those thick cardboard three-folds. Come on, we both know that cardboard added some scientific integrity to your research — the seventh grade equivalent of getting your work published in The New England Journal of Awesome.

Now, it doesn’t end there. Next you’re grabbing markers, spray paint, baking soda, and Styrofoam. Once you’ve got everything together you’re rushing home and getting down to science, people. The carpeted corner of the unfinished basement becomes your lab and it’s time to spend hours putting on lab coats, staring into microscopes, and pour bubbling green liquids into beakers. Also, taping.

Come on and let’s count down some classics:

6. The solar system. Jabbing those spray-painted Styrofoam balls with a straightened out coat hanger is a truly great feeling. As is painting a splotchy brown Australia on Earth and a big eye on Jupiter. If you want to go the To Scale route, remember to leave Pluto at home.

5. Volcano. There are two types of eruptions. First, there’s the Underwhelming Fizz — where you stare deep into the mouth of the fiery beast only to witness some rock-hard hunks of baking soda floating in a pool of strong-smelling vinegar. It’s disappointing, but you can always try again and hope for a Superblow — where everyone stares with wide-eyes as red ooze bubbles and slides down your carefully painted volcano onto the GI Joe townspeople below.

4. The one the kid’s parents obviously did. Also known as robbing your child of the thrill of scientific discovery in exchange for a B+.

3. Growing something. Whether it was lima beans or patches of fresh grass, it was a a classic move to study Sunlight vs. Shadows, Music vs. No Music, or Watering Plants vs. Pouring Coke On Them.

2. Coke is bad. Speaking of Coke, did you have that kid who left a tooth or some nails sitting in it for a month? The groundbreaking research typically concluded with a harsh indictment of the entire soda industry. And maybe a business card for the kid’s dad who was a dentist.

1. The one that didn’t work. Every science fair had a few of these gems. They were sad and beautiful at the same time. Because that down-faced ten year old standing in front of a dim lightbulb was learning how to deal with lost efforts and how to get back their drive after a fall. Keep that chin up, tiger. You’ll get ’em next time.

Yes, beautiful science fair moments were always a perfect close to months of hallway passion, energetic teachers, and long lonely nights cutting construction paper letters with pinking shears. Letting kids learn, letting kids dream, letting kids try and try and try — well, there’s just so much good that comes of that.

As they bottle insects, jab battery wires into lemons, and rub magnets together, you can see the whirring gears spinning with delight. Yes, all that learning just sponges, soaks in, and sticks there forever as the next generation of curiosity seekers tease their buzzing minds forward and forward and forward…


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    1. Fresh bed sheets.

      They’re so nice and clean; fun to snuggle in, smell like laundry detergent, how are they not super awesome?

      The answer: they are!

      1. Doesn’t it always seem like you get a better night’s sleep on clean sheets? There is nothing like the feeling of slipping between freshly laundered sheets after a nice hot shower. Great post!

      2. I love when I get into a freshly made bed and realize that they’re still a little bit warm from the dryer. That combined with the fabric softener smell is so awesome.

        1. Yes, especially when you put your pyjamas in the dryer for a few minutes to make them warm and then climb right into bed, absolutely awesome.

      3. When all your favorite TV show has a new episode.

        This is even better when ALL of your favorite TV shows have new episodes in the same week.

        And better than that? When they com eafter that horrible re-run, “Spring Break”, “Thanksgiving Break”, “Hiatus” week.


      4. I prefer when you have to fold your freshly washed clothes and you keep warm by putting the entire pile on your body!
        Thats how i do it:
        Usually the jeans are hotter for a longuer time, so i put them around my feet. then the bed sheet around the shoulders, the colorful poke-a-dot tee around your head. Its like a home-made spa except you dont have to deal with that thing you just got out of your clothes…yeah its called water.


    2. I find it awesome when payday comes and not only do you get a brand new paycheck, but you have some money left over from your last payday. So it is like payday and a half! Or 3/4 or 1/3 or 1/8 depending on how much is actually left….

    3. Waking up with a bed-head hair do that’s actually better looking than your normal do.

      You know how it goes in the morning. You wake up and mosy on into the bathroom, dreading whatever potential disaster your pillow and hair have contrived to concoct through the night…when you’re greeted with something amazing! A veritable work of hair art! And all you had to do was wake up.


      1. That is awesome! Not so awesome for me is that that happens for me when I wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. By the time I wake up properly in the morning my hair has gone completely flat and rubbish again! Although I do enjoy the lovely bouncy midnight do!

        1. I love it when this happens with left over make up you didn’t wash off properly from the night before. When the stars align just right you wake up the next morning with sultry smoky eyes as opposed to the standard panda look

    4. Dancing to the song stuck in your head.

      Sure, other people think you’re crazy, but I think it’s awesome!

      1. Love it! When I was a cashier at a grocery store I had a song in my head and was bopping along without thinking of what I was actually doing. When a customer came up to my till he asked me if it was a good tune :)

      2. dancing to music that’s only in your head is the best. because even if people are staring at you your having your own great dance party

      1. especially when your coming to your parents house and the pantry is stocked with your favorites just because your coming home. maybe mom even made your favorite chocolate chocolate chip cookies

    5. sweat day :) cmon, you all know you love it. Goin to school/work in sweat pants a tshirt and hair up in a bun. Maybe you don’t even go anywhere, it’s still awesome !

    6. “Sick” days. Or maybe mental health days would be a more appropriate title.

      If you’re still in school (like me) and you look at your total absences and realize that you could afford to miss a day or two, “just because.”

      Maybe it’s to catch up on sleep, or to start your weekend trip a day early. Maybe it’s just to stay home and relax- curl up with a good book, or hang out with your family.

      But when you can afford to take a sick day to use for yourself, instead of being sick and miserable. . . that’s AWESOME!

    7. Using Younger Relatives as an Excuse to Play with Toys: I’m far too old to be obsessing over how correct Legoman’s roof is or whether his yard has enough plastic pink flowers, but if little Susie needs someone to play with her, then by golly, I’ll make the sacrifice. The same goes for Thomas the Tank Engine train tracks, Knex construction toys, those bracelet making kits, and Candy Land. I’m too old and mature to do that stuff, of course, but I don’t want Susie to be sad, and you don’t either, which is why you are not allowed to laugh at me. Or knock down my Lego library.

      1. Totally! My nephew recently discovered the wonder world of Barbies. He can’t play with them with grandpa, but he knows his aunties and grandma will be super excited to join in. (He pretends he only likes the Kens, but somehow he always ends up dressing Barbie for their night out).

    8. Seeing a helium balloon fly over your head on a blue sky day.

      Sure, maybe the person who let it go doesn’t think it’s so awesome, but the color makes me smile (red, yellow, green) and I wonder where it will land and if there is a mysterious message that the lucky finder will get to read.

      Fly away balloon!

      1. even if you know it’s bad for the environment, that might land in some protected animal’s habitat. for that moment you can just look up and marvel at how beautiful one lone balloon can be against the perfectly blue sky.

    9. Drinking out of two straws.

      When it’s been a long day and you finally make your way into that McDonalds and you sit down at the booth, noticing you have two straws. So you stick em both in and get twice the sugary goodness with the same effort.


    10. The feeling of accomplishment you get after cooking something complicated. Even if it doesn’t taste that great, you did it, and that feels awesome.

    11. Dyeing daisies and celery with food coloring (the classic elementary school science experiment). Still fascinating 12 years later.

    12. My awesome thing: impromptu duets! when you are quietly humming or singing a song to yourself and someone across the hall/room/bus picks up and joins you in an impromptu duet. occurrences sometimes may lead to impromptu musicals or jam sessions. similar awesome things may be: impromptu beat-boxing, surprise dance competitions, etc.

      1. I especially love doing this with my friends. one of us will be singing under our breath but as soon as the other notices we’re belting out want ever it is. harmonies and everything. it just makes life a bit more exciting

    13. Spinning around in desk chairs with wheels.

      Wasting time at the library when you should be doing homework by spinning around and around in chairs until you feel like you are flying is such an AWESOME experience!

    14. Seeing 100%

      Whether it’s on a test, the end of a song in Guitar Hero, or just a statistic, seeing that perfect percentile always brings a smile to my face. Makes all that time studying worth it, those hours playing my game feel worthwhile, and makes me feel good to see that everybody agrees with me.

    15. When you really have to go number 2 and you walk into a public bathroom and no one else is in there. or better yet when you win the awkward sit-out as to who will give in and let the person on the other side of the stall take a twosie.

    16. I love it when you find a random burned CD with no identifying marks, pop it in, and find it’s an awesome mix you made a year ago that you’ve forgotten about completely – or better yet, an awesome mix that you have no idea who made.

    17. One of your favorite songs coming on the radio or loudspeaker and you being able to sing every single word. It doesn’t even matter that you’re a little off key. It’s still..


    18. When you finally understand the lyrics to a song you’ve been singing for years! We all know a song where there comes a point in the lyrics where it sounds like the singer has maybe forgotten his own lyrics and just mumbles through that verse. At this point you either A) make up some equally absurd and indecipherable sounding lyrics or B) just hum until that verse has passed you by. There comes a day though when all that confusion is laid to rest. It could be a Tuesday afternoon, a rainy drive to work or maybe you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair, but all of a sudden, BAM! Those few words that for years has sounded like ‘turning into flab’ is actually ‘tell me it ain’t so bad’! You can’t even begin to understand how that didn’t make sense before, but this sudden clarity has put an extra spring in your step because you have solved one of life’s great mysteries today! Awesome!

    19. When you park in metered parking, and there are already leftover minutes!

      Put that quarter away you have 22 free minutes to do what you please!

    20. Crossing things off of to-do lists!

      (And, let’s be honest, writing things that you’ve already done onto your to-do list, for the sole purpose of crossing them off immediately after writing it.) There are few things that can deliver the instant gratification of crossing something off of such a list. Be it your iPhone calendar, your Outlook Express, or my old school filofax, it is the visual announcement that you have achieved something. The trick is to make to-do lists legitimately doable. Meetings, small tasks, things like “Go to grocery store” are all easy to cross off, but things like “Save the planet” will just mock you in their clarity, a beacon of unfinished business.
      But don’t let those get you down – it’s always good to have the noble to-do’s – but for now, rejoice in the completion of a task, and cross that sucker off your list. So go do something, even if it’s something small, and admit that it’s awesome.

    21. Brand new fleece hoodies (before they are washed!)

      No article of clothing is better to me. The super soft insides are SO cozy… and especially the pull over kind; they are far superior to the zip-ups. I think this has fueled my hoodie obsession: I always think i “need” another one just to get that new hoodie feel.

    22. The website Fandom Secrets, where people spill their secret thoughts about their favorite TV shows, movies, books, etc. and about elements of their life affected and borne from the site.

      It makes me really, really love them, and reminds me why all that stuff is so great and important :)

    23. Overhearing a conversation about books that you love.

      There’s a smile you get when you’re totally in on a joke. Like, you know what’s coming but it’s SO GOOD it makes you smile with anticipation. That’s how I feel overhearing other people talk shop about their reading lists.

      “Oh, have you read Middlesex? It’s by the guy who wrote Virgin Suicides…”
      (You think: “JEFFREY EUGENIDES! I love those books!)
      “No… right now I’m reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan…”
      (You think: “I’ve heard that’s great!”)
      “…it’s really great.”
      (You think: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      Bonus points if you’re in a non-book setting, like the grocery or public transit.

      Feeling infintely closer to random strangers: AWESOME!

      1. Thank you Kate……I just put that book on hold at the library. Reading this comment reminded me that it was on my list of books to look for!

    24. Getting into bed on a Friday night, hugging my favourite pillow and knowing that I don’t have to wake up for work the next day=absolute bliss :)

    25. Being outdoors during sunset and beholding the lovely picture overhead of the sky dyed blue, pink and orange by the setting sun.

    26. not sure if it’s been said, but
      looking at the clock and getting excited when you realize the time is the numbers of your birthday.
      arguing with your siblings when you were young about who pulls the perfect chip out of the bag, or who gets the biggest one
      getting excited when you see those candies in the pack that have been morphed together and the excitement of eating them
      searching for the grape that’s smaller than a penny that seems to be in every batch; and getting a kick out of eating it

    27. Stealing mouthfuls of your favourite dish just after your mum finished preparing it. The only bad thing is, that doesn’t leave enough of the dish for the actual meal.

    28. Someone you knew from your childhood and have lost touch with for a long time calling to find out how you’ve been and realizing that despite the many years that have passed, fond memories still remain and that both of you are doing well.

    29. This is pretty late, but I really want to share this (don’t know if anyone thought of this yet):

      When you have a nightmare, and you REALIZE it’s a nightmare…and you command yourself to wake up. And you do. Heart thumping, eyes darting…you relax, you’re out of danger, and you slip back into sleep…:)

    30. when you can spot the CN Tower from far away
      for me, i can see it from my window seat in school (from Brampton)

  2. laughing so hard for so long that you forget what you were originally laughing out…only to figure it out and laugh hard once again! AWESOME!

    1. I agree. It is a lot less expensive to go to a minor league baseball game and they are just as much fun! Plus there is a great feeling of community being there to support your home team on a smaller scale.

  3. ohhh!!! i LOVE school field trips!
    that’s great!

    i think it’s awesome when you find an old camera with a full roll of film inside, get it developed, and discover old memories!

    1. Oh my gosh I love when that happens. Haha! :D

      Or finding old video tapes of you and your friends when you were young that you thought had been lost for eternity

  4. Playing your Game Boy or portable gaming device under the covers at night so your parents can’t suspect anything. :D

  5. The moment you hand in a paper/exam/project that you worked what felt like forever on.
    You finished! You’re over come with a feeling of accomplishment and relief. The weight has been taken off your shoulders, time to breath.

    1. This feeling IS awesome. Haha.

      knowing that you didn’t procrastinate. Not only is the project done early, but you don’t have to spend hours the day before, cramming.


      1. Oh, I agree, I was going to write about this, only with the added bit of getting it handed in, not just on time but early! I did this for the first time ever today and it felt great knowing that I had one less night of stressing about getting it in on time! Getting assignments out of the way is AWSEOME!

  6. How about when you get socks for Christmas? That on it’s own might not be awesome, but what about when you realize that your new socks are completely fantastic for sliding across floors and into bookshelves? Those fuzzy ones? Awesome.

  7. when you realize that you hadn’t brought an umbrella even though weather.com said it would rain… but doesn’t.

  8. Winning a spelling bee!

    I recently did that on Friday. :) Thank goodness for my knowing of “etiquette.”

  9. Peeling the last bit of tape off the window trim after painting a room, and it comes right off withOUT tearing a jagged pattern in your paint.

    That’s awesome because not only does it mean you’re DONE, but that you’ve also somehow mastered the technique needed for successful paint-tape-peeling.

  10. Getting a test back and realising u got a better mark than u were expecting, always makes me feel fuzzy and friendly! Awesome haha

    1. Definitely! I once thought I had failed a history test, but instead I ended up with a respectable 97. WOOT!

    2. This is such a great confidence-booster ! Makes you realize you’re smarter that you thought you were :D

  11. Unplanned adventures. Those days you don’t plan anything and they end up more memorable and amazing than imaginable.

  12. Looking back on pictures of good times with friends or family that remind you how awkward and hilarious life is. No matter where you are (or how much time has passed), the sweet memories flood back & I laugh until I cry. Then I have a reason to call said person to chat (catch up/ reminisce). I have a picture of me and three bffs wearing foil “grills” that is terribly awkward, but too funny & lets me appreciate how beautiful life (& friendship!!) is!

  13. When you want to lay in the grass, but when you touch it you feel like it’s wet. Then you realize it’s just cool and refreshing.

  14. The way a keyboard’s clicky sound is even more satisfying when you’re typing really fast, and being really productive.

    1. When we got our new computer, we had the old one hanging around waiting for the electronic waste recycling day. Every once in a while when I was typing furiously, my husband would sneak over to the old keyboard and just start going to down on it making all kinds of clickety clack keyboard noises and it cracked me up every time.

      After we got rid of the old computer, he told me how much he missed being able to do that because he just liked the sound. Well, that and making me laugh every time he did. Never got old!

  15. Turning off the lamp just as your parents come in.

    You know, when you’re reading by the dim light of your bedside lamp, and you suddenly hear footsteps in the hall. Suddenly, you’re the fastest person on the planet as you click off the lamp, shove the book under your pillow, and attempt to breathe slowly so they never suspect you’re still awake.

  16. when the baby falls asleep and i get to watch her dreaming. cute little face twitches and expressions!

    1. I often think this is going to be me, but then watch 2 more cars go through behind me on the red!

  17. Small town signs!

    I just got back from a road trip, and some of our favorites were “Coming this summer: Christmas Tree Shops!”, “Home of the Wampus Cats”, and “Bob’s Good Junk”. They had us laughing the whole time!

    1. Another great one: In small-town Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a tractor company whose slogan is “Don’t buy no ugly tractor!”

  18. Walking when it’s drizzling.

    You don’t get too wet, you feel refreshed, and it’s just… AWESOME!

  19. Wrangling carts at the airport. I love when someone asks me to pick them up from the airport. I show up an hour early, and roam the parking lot for abandoned carts. Then lash them together and haul them back to the cart return kiosk, and get those sweet quarters. But you have to be picky about which kiosk you return them to. The ones outside the terminal generally see the most traffic and are often out of quarters. I always chose the one farthest from the exit, which is a bit of a hassle, but it is almost always full of quarters.

    Often times the 30 min free parking is not enough, but if you double back around in your car and park for two 30 min periods, it makes it all the better!


  20. The anticipation leading up to the very first kiss with someone you really like. Those butterflies in your stomach are fluttering to make sure you’re prepared for the huge amount of AWESOME that follows.

  21. Your first kiss with that one special person you fall in love with. It seems like time just stands still, and the butterflies you had a second ago just disappear.

    It’s such an awesome feeling. -^^-

    1. Wow – the above two are an amazing cross post.. It looks like they were probably posted at the same time (so not influenced by each other..), and they’re both about first kisses..

      That’s AWESOME in itself!

  22. Winning small amounts of money of scratch cards

    You know the feeling. You scratch one, then the next one matches, as does the next one and, alas! You’ve just one a simple amount of money that will pay for your next fast food trip.


  23. When your dogs run in their sleep.

    It’s always hilarious when you look down, and there is man’s best friend, paws twitching and legs working. Even better when they wake themselves up barking!


  24. The first brush with a new toothbrush.
    Thick, strong, scratchy bristles. An uncommonly clean and kissable mouth.
    AWESOME :)

  25. When you’re coming up to a yellow and light and you panic and decidedly state for the world to hear (regardless of if you have passengers in the car or you’re riding solo) “screw it I’m going through, I’m going through!”, followed by the exhilaration of actually doing so, all to peek in your rearview and note that the car behind you went through too! (making YOU look like the good guy if any cops were to do a double-take on your alleged yellow light run)

    1. This is the third “running yellow lights” comment so far!

      Looks like we’ve had a lot of people in a rush on the way to work this Monday morning!

  26. Knowing the right answer to a multiple choice question before looking at the answer choices (especially on the first question because it’s a major confidence booster).


  27. Listening to your parents collections of records and tapes. and every family member knowing all the words!

    1. Love this! My 3 daughters got to hear all my mid to late ’70’s stuff growing up. They break up into 3 part harmonys, and I imitate the guitar rifs and bass boogies. We usually try to keep doing whatever; sometimes we pass each other, singing, jigging, make brief eye contact; then keep on going! Next song… same. My husband says he is blessed and taps his foot in time.

  28. The feeling of sinking your feet into your old, worn in, comfy snowboots after a day of agony on the slopes, followed by 10 mins wrestling with the vice grip of your rock hard, uncomfortable, frost bite inducing ski boots. Completely worth the wait, and nothing short of


    1. I haven’t skied in five years but your post brought me right to the lodge….mmm, what a feeling to slip on those old pacs…

  29. Being able to recognize a song on the radio before the announcer says what it is.

    Every time me and my dad would drive together we’d listen to classic rock stations and we’d quiz each other on who was singing. Now when I drive with my boyfriend we do the same with classical music. The feeling of joy when you realize you’ve scored the correct name and artist?


  30. The glue on the back of credit cards when they come in the mail. I call it Snot Glue lol. It’s fun stretchy and snappy all at once.

    1. This reminds me of once when I was playing with a wad of this stuff and forgot to throw it out, and it stuck onto a magazine, and then my brother picks up the zine and goes “ew, gross, what’s THIS!” Payback for all the gross big brother things you did to me, that’s what it is!

  31. Deciding to finish a book even though it is WAY past your bedtime.
    You are about 2/3 the way through a book and you check the clock, it’s time to head to bed or else you will not be a happy camper tomorrow. But the storyline is just getting good, you know the climax is coming. Who’s the murder? Are they going to find each other? How is he going to get his way out of this mess?
    You flip through the remaining pages and convince yourself of any excuse you have so that you can finish your book. And when you finally put the finished book down at 2am, it was totally worth it. Because knowing how a story ends is AWESOME.

    1. This happened to me with the last Harry Potter!! I actually read for a whole day straight… From 7am to 5am when I finally finished it!

    2. I do this all the time! And even though I’m exhausted the next day after only 3 hours of sleep, that post-book-elation is so strong that it doesn’t even matter!

  32. Showering after you get REALLY dirty.

    Whether you shoveled dirt all day, spent five days camping, or even after a really good workout, stepping into the shower and watching the dirt wash off of you is always satisfying.

    1. Ooh, when I was in college, I went camping for less than a week and the first thing I did when I got home was get in the shower. It felt so good to have hot water running down my entire body, washing all the dust, dirt, and sweat down the drain. I don’t mind getting dirty, but man, did it feel awesome when it all came off!

      1. Ack, and how could I forget a more recent incident? We had to take some group photos, so this girl recommended we use some self tanning lotion. I’d never used it before so I didn’t want to overdo it and turn orange. Of course I didn’t use enough, so one of the girls used a ton of bronzer on me. I don’t mean just a little bit on my face. Every inch of skin that was visible got covered and I turned totally brown.

        When I got home, I got in the shower and the water going down the drain was completely brown. I was simultaneously horrified and amused. There was something satisfying about soaping and rinsing until the water was totally clear.

        1. that is hilarious!
          I was walking around Santa Monica in sneakers, tight jeans, and a sweater and I realized how beautiful the beach was. I impusively ran inside the beach only to be covered in sea weed and wet sand… I didn’t want to get my friends car dirty so I walked home. After 45 minutes of a uncomfortable stares, I open my apartment door with one thing on my mind.


      1. Ha, I didn’t realize how many of my comments were about getting dirty and cleaning up until you pointed it out. I swear, I’m not like Pigpen!

  33. The first day it smells like spring.

    That feeling that you get when you walk outside after what seems like months and months of cold miserable darkness, point your nose up in the sky and take a good sniff, feeling the memories of springs past all wash over you. Awesome!

  34. Instant ramen noodles.

    Everyone knows they’re bad for you and made out of almost pure sodium but cooking your perfect ramen noodles is a skill everyone develops early in life.

    Keep the broth or drain it?
    Add the seasoning before or after the noodles have been drained? (or half before, half afterward…)
    Add your own spices?
    Add veggies? (yuck)
    Skip the cooking and eat the dry noodles and seasoning straight out of the packaging?

    Whether you prefer chicken, beef or “spicy” flavor, you know how to make it just right.


    1. I use a little less than the recommended amount of water so that the soup ends up being more concentrated. So salty and delicious!

      So funny that you said everyone makes it their own way. You’d think everyone would just follow the directions on the package: boil water, add noodles, stir in flavoring. But now that you mention it, everyone I know does it differently.

      My mom loves adding tons of stuff: frozen spinach, meat, pretty much whatever is in the freezer or refrigerator!

    2. I used to basically live off these things. Living by myself for the first time, pregnant, full time job and full time student in college did not give me any time to cook.

  35. Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row.

    Because it’s enough to turn a bad morning around and make it AWESOME

  36. The friend with the weird laugh.

    And this is awesome because someone can tell a mediocre joke, and if that friend is around and laughs at it with their weird laugh it automatically becomes a laugh fest. Thus, making the mediocre joke teller feel like they’re the next Demetri Martin, and the weird laugh supplier has no idea that they are what is truly so funny.

    Thanks, friend with the weird laugh, you make things more interesting/bearable.


  37. those nose strips that clean out your pores on your nose. when you haven’t done it in a while and you see all that dirt get out of your pores is total AWESOME

    1. I know it grosses some people out, but I LOVE IT. There is something so satisfying about knowing that you just yanked all that crap right out of your face.

    2. Biore strips! I love these. I always want to show off what I harvested but it just grosses people out :(

      Did get my boyfriend to use one, though!

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